Future Evergreens of the Year (photos not included above):  2017—Picea glauca or white spruce; 2016—Pinus ponderosa or Ponderosa pine; 2015—Pinus resinosa or red pine

GreatPlants Evergreens of the Year, 2014-2008 (numbers below correspond to image numbers above)

  1. 2016— Ponderosa pine, Pinus ponderosa
  2. 2015— Red pine, Pinus resinosa
  3. 2014— Korean fir, Abies koreana
  4. 2013— Border Pine, Pinus strobiformis
  5. 2012— Douglasfir Pseudotsuga menziesii var. glauca
  6. 2011— Canaan fir, Abies balsamea var. phanerolepis
  7. 2010— Swiss stone pine, Pinus cembra
  8. 2009— Serbian spruce, Picea omorika
  9. 2008— lacebark pine, Pinus bungeana
  10. 2003—concolor fir, Abies concolor (moved from Trees to Conifers)